Up from here: My first attempt

Today I tossed together a quick snack for KC using what I could find on hand.  I didn’t have a small (6) muffin tin, so I made do with cupcake papers on a plate.

My first attempt

Top Left – Grapes on sword-picks that I found in the back of a drawer.

Top Right
– Baby carrots

Bottom Left – Cheeze its

Bottom Right
– Regular and white cheddar squares with peperoni.
I really want to get some cutters, so I can make fun shapes with cheese!

Center – Ranch dressing in a (well washed) child’s medicine cup.
Hey, whatever works.

I called KC in for his snack, and waited for his reaction.  His first question, why did he get so many things (he usually only gets one or two items at snack time).  I tried to explain Mommy was having some fun.

He was excited and curious about the grapes on the swords, and gobbled them up first thing.  I then had to give him more grapes so he could skewer some himself.  He found this to be tricky, but fun.

This was his first exposure to cheddar cheese and peperoni (he’s been an American Cheese sort of kid up ’till now), but he’s usually very good at trying new things so I mentally crossed my fingers and encouraged him to try it.

In the end, he had seconds of peperoni, ate most the cheese its and an untold number of grapes.

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