Spider Bento

Cute little Spider Bento for KC’s Kindergarten Snack today.

Yesterday he asked me why I always put Wheat Thins in his snack.  I asked him, I thought you liked Wheat Thins.  Apparently he still does.  I explained I put them in his snacks because he likes them.

Still, I guess it gets a little boring.  So last night I stood in the Carbohydrate Isle staring at the crackers.  Seems they’re divided into three types.  Wheat Crackers, White Crackers and Cheese Crackers.

I was just about to give up when I turn around to (in desperation) consider the Greasy Chippy Section.  That’s when I spied these cute pretzel rounds.    They’re cute and offer up some fun possibilities.


PBJ Mini Sandwiches
Pretzel Rounds
Candy Spider
Blueberries on Spider picks

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