Halloween Desert Bento

Halloween Kids Dessert Bento - Fun Ideas From GlorysMischief.com

I mentioned about a week or so ago, that my son has been Dye Free since spring, with very positive results.* However, as with any specialized diet, it creates some challenges. Particularly in the arena of social eating.

Today they’re having a Halloween party in KCs classroom. While I tried my best to get my name in to supply treats for the class my efforts to nab the coveted bring-yummie-things slot was unsuccessful. I have a general idea what the class is having, and odds are 2 of the 3 treats will be “off menu’ for my son. So I’m moving onto Plan B.

Plan B: I’m sending my son with his own Halloween Treat Bento (in addition to his regular lunch bento). Not to worry. His teacher is on board with this idea. (She’s super)

I also had a sit down talk with him about what to expect at the party and coached him on how he should handle it. I’m very optimistic.

Also in case you’re concerned… yes, that is a TON of sugar. This is the exception, not the rule. And knowing my kid, I’ll be surprised if he eats it all.  The idea here is to make him feel like he’s not missing out on the “good stuff”.  And MAYBE make him feel like he’s got the better deal.

Halloween Kids Dessert Bento - Fun Ideas From GlorysMischief.com

*Learn more about going dye-free at www.diefooddye.com

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  1. That looks great! I think there are definitely times for large amounts of sugar, and a class party is it! I hope he had a great time.
    I have kids who are gluten-free and also deal with food allergies, and after they started school (we homeschooled for years) I realized that if I become a room parent, I can sign up to bring in the food before anyone else has a chance to sign up! It’s wonderful! Youngest had a “healthy Halloween party” with fruit, veggies, and I brought the cheese & crackers so they’d be GF crackers, and put on the fruit sign-up that it needed to be berry-free. Then I also volunteered to be in the classroom. It worked out really well.

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