Halloween Werewolf Kids Lunch

Werewolf Halloween Kids Bento School Lunch - Healthy Ideas From GlorysMischief.com

Something I haven’t “gone public” with before now, is the fact that I’ve put my son KC on a Dye-Free Diet.  He’s been (artificial) Dye Free since about April of last year.  With AMAZING results.

As you can imagine not being able to use standard food colors has put one of my favorite things, bread drawings, on the no-no list.  I mean, take a look at the top of my page.  I love using colors!

However, not to be put off for long.  I’ve been experimenting with natural food colors.  My favorite color to draw with is brown.  I think it looks nicest on the bread and just recently, I transformed one of my old Americolor food markers to a natural brown marker.  Yay me!

With my new (natural) brown food color marker in hand, I made today’s Werewolf Lunch.  I think he looks really cool.  And before you say, “that’s nice, but I can’t do that”, think again.  I traced this design.  TRACED?!  Yes traced.  There are a lot of transfer methods you can experiment with (check out my pinterest board to find most) but my current favorite is using my ipad and a cool tracing app.  It was SO easy.

I don’t have a nice stand for my iPad (yet) so I just prop it up on a couple of hefty tomato sauce cans and load it up with an image of a printable coloring page I found online.  And started tracing away.

It was easy and FUN!

Werewolf Halloween Kids Bento School Lunch - Healthy Ideas From GlorysMischief.com

For the record this is a Fun Lunch Blog.  I don’t plan to blog about a Dye Free diet.  If you are interested in learning more…  Everything I know about being Dye Free I learned here at Die Food Dye dot com.

Today’s lunch is a part of Bento Bloggers and Friends Frightful Fall Blog Hop, click the image below to see what’s brewing up over with Beth at A Boy & His Lunch!


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  1. I love how resourceful you are! Thank you for sharing your tracing tip, and I am so glad the dye-free diet is giving you good results!! And although it goes without saying…THIS LUNCH IS AWESOME!!

  2. Wow Glory!! Your drawing is amazing even if you did trace it!! I think I have that same app for the iPad that you’re talking about (Lucida Cam?) and I can’t get a decent drawing (mostly due to operator error, that being me). Kudos and can’t wait to see more of your drawings! =)

  3. Wow – what great work with that werewolf! I’m really impressed! And the fact that you switched a marker to be artificial dye free – amazing!
    We had to go gluten/dairy/soy free due to Celiac disease 10 years ago, and the behavior change was amazing! We can do dairy & soy again now without problems, and haven’t had to cut dyes, but I totally understand the joy in seeing the effects from a dietary change!

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