Boy Pirate Themed School Lunch

Pirate Kids School Lunch - Ideas from

Making fun lunches for boys can be tricky business.  Yesterday I thought I made a really nice spring/summery lunch.  But instead ended up with a girly butterfly lunch.

While most of his classmates liked his lunch, two boys teased KC for his lunch.  KC is really good about giving me feedback on his lunches.  Themes he’d like… foods he does or doesn’t like.  etc.

Still… as a protective momma, I don’t want to make my efforts fodder for teasing.  So far KC really enjoys the lunches I make.

Today I tried to up the Boy Factor.  Pirates are cool right?

I tried something new today.  Taking a page from David Laferriere, I drew pirate map on the wrapper of the cheese.  KC is crazy about these American cheese slices.  Pretty cool huh?

There’s also a sandwich under the two slices of cheese.

Pirate Kids School Lunch - Ideas from

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