Doctor Who, Clara Oswald Lunch

Doctor Who Clara Oswald Lunch - Ideas from

When the Edible Geekery folks wanted to do a Doctor Who hop for Impossible Astronaut day I had to join in.  I am going slightly off topic and not doing Silence / Hash mark lunch…

You see, I’ve been pretty obsessed with Clara from the get go.  I’m fascinated with her character(s), and puzzling what or how she is.  I love a good brain puzzle.

I enjoy reading various theories on Clara Oswin Oswald.  One popular theory involves Rose Tyler (see the not so subtle rose reference?).  While I’m not extremely keen on the theory, it’s the one people tend to glom onto the most.

Doctor Who Clara Oswald Lunch - Ideas from

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This clip pretty much sums up my fascination with Clara Oswin Oswald.

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  1. Little Dalek! Love it! Your rose is very nice, too! Clara is fascinating. We have endless discussions at home as to who or what she could be. She is an oddity!

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