Valentines Yumbox Lunch & Stress Test

Valentines Yumbox Lunch & Stress TestKids have been out of school this week. I’ve been enjoying a little extra Down Time.  I’ve also been sick.  Not exactly how I waned to spend a week off with my kids.  But thems the breaks.

Here’s a lunch I sent to school last week when I decided to put my Yumbox through a little stress test.

Everything in there is pretty messy

~ Yogurt
~ Apple Sauce
~ Pineapple
~ BPJ with extra J

Valentines Yumbox Lunch & Stress Test

I decided to hold off posting so I could include the “after” photo.

I’d say it passed with flying colors… even if kiddo didn’t eat everything.

Yumbox "After" Photo - Valentines Yumbox Lunch & Stress Test

KC tosses around his backpack around like a puppy with a new toy. So I know it got bumped and jostled plenty when in transit. And just as it was designed, there was no cross compartment leaking.  Nice.

This opens up more messy opportunities in the future.

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