Window Painting: Faux Cats

When I was young and in High School, back when dirt was new, my Mother (an artist) taught me to paint store windows to earn some fun money.

It’s not terribly difficult, and is a wonderfully inexpensive way to decorate your home for the holidays. Your creations will be long lasting, but when the time comes very easy, and even fun, to remove.

Nowadays, I paint my home windows for the holidays. Sometimes, when I get really crazy I’ll even paint the mirrors in the Bathrooms.  I live my life to the fullest!

It doesn’t matter what you paint, but it’s best if it’s simple and graphic. In most cases your design will be seen from a distance, and often from a moving vehicle. The great part of this is you don’t have to fuss too much about the details or little mistakes.

Here I’m demonstrating how to paint faux cats. Click the link here for steps for painting pumpkins. You can do whatever you want. The basics remain the same. So lets get started…

Supply List:

Acrylic Paint. It must be acrylic. This is key to the cleanup
Paint Container. I used old jello cups. In the past I’ve used left over party plates.
Dry Erase Marker
Paint Brush
I made some test temples first. As you can see, they are pretty proportionate to the real thing. And oh look. Bonus Baby Photo! That’s my little girl Tory.I love having black cats in October (okay all year) they are my favorite Halloween decorations. Trouble is, they don’t seem to want to pose in the window as much as I’d like. Which is why I decided to make my Faux cats.

I’ve provided printable templates you can use Here and Here. You could also make your own, or if you’re braver then me, even freehand them. GASP.

You’ll need legal sized paper if you want to print my templates. I didn’t have any, so I overlapped two pages and taped them together. Then carefully ran them through the printer.  Be careful if you choose to do the same.

Trace – Place your template against the window and trace around it with your dry erase marker.
Outline – Take the template away, and you have a handy dandy outline. Ohhh ahhhh.
Fill In – Now for the fun part.  Start painting.  Don’t be shy.
First Coat – The first coat is going to be sloppy and uneven.  Not to worry.  Just get the paint up and fill in the shape.  The paint likes to slide around on the smooth glass, that’s okay.  Let this dry completely.  15 minutes or so, depending on temperature, humidity, blah, blah, blah. Don’t start the next coat until it’s completely dry.
Second coat – You’ll get much better coverage on this coat.  The paint now has something to ‘grab’ onto.Be careful not to over work an area too much, as this might pull up some of the first coat and leave you with bare spots.   The more you over work it, the worse it will get.  So if this happens, leave it, and finish the rest.  Once this coat is dry you can touch up, or even add a 3rd coat.

You can ‘erase’ the dry marker outline between coats, or after you are all done.  Just as long as the paint is dry.

Clean up/Removal – When it’s time to take down the paint, you’ll want to use a razor blade.  You can find these in the hardware store and many craft stores.  Always keep this out of reach of children!Press the blade even with the glass and at something like a 20 degree angle.

Press against the glass and scrape the paint off.

It should come off fairly smoothly, and make colorful confetti and curly bits.  If you want, you can put paper or plastic down to catch the bits.

Pickup, sweep or vacuum debris.

Be Very Very Very careful with the blade.  This is NOT a job for the kids.

There you have it.  Fabulous Faux Kitties for your window.  Now that I have mine done, I find I really like them.  Next year, I may fill my windows with these darlings!

I would love to see pictures of any window paintings you do!

Make sure to click here to see my tutorial on painting pumpkins.
This will be a great one for the kids to help with!

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  1. That is so cool! I can’t wait to try it! I really can’t wait till tomorrow for the pumpkins! My kids and I were going to do it today but we will just have to wait and see how a pro does it first!

  2. Oh my goodness that is so cute…Honestly I bet from the outside looking in, it looks like a real black cat….very clever, must be nice to have an Artist Mom..and to actually learn from her. Found your blog from trendy tree house…glad I did:)

  3. I can’t wait to try this. I’ll be on a tall ladder so wish me luck! I spotlighted this post today. Thanks for linking up on Sawdust and Paper scraps.

    • My cats occasionally get spooked by them. When jumping into the window or looking from the outside.

      I love it when they’re ALL in the window. =D

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