Halloween Muffin Tin

Kasey and I worked hard on painting our living room window with a Halloween design (Click here for Tutorial #1 and Tutorial #2).  All our efforts really put me in a Halloween mood.

So I got out the Halloween goodies I’ve been saving, and pulled out all the stops for this snack/lunch.

I believe it was Muffin Tin Mom‘s blog where I learned to turn cupcake liners inside out to decorate a muffin tin meal.  Thanks for the tip!

I can thank my Mom for the candy bat in the upper right.  She came over recently, and surprised me with a bag of goodies for my bentos and muffin tins.  Thanks Mom!!

I also have to note., the Halloween cookies (in the bottom right) are SOOO yummie.  You can get a BUCKET of these at Target.  YUM.

Halloween Muffin Tin:

Red Grapes — Pumpkin Shaped apple slices – Peperoni w/ bat
Creeeepy broccoli with candy eyes — Meatballs — Iced cookies

Garnished with carrots slices cut into pumpkin shapes and decorated with food markers.

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

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  1. Love the spooooky broccoli! And thanks for the tip on turning the liners inside out. I stopped stocking up on fancy ones once I realized you wouldn’t be able to SEE them, so what did it matter? Now I can ‘justify’ getting them again!

    • I know what you mean about the liners, Ludicrous Mamma. I don’t make cupcakes (or muffins) often so really didn’t care.

      But now I’m always on the lookout!

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