TMNT Kids Bento School Lunch

TMNT Kids Bento School Lunch - Healthy Ideas From

I stumbled onto bento right before my 7 year old started Kindergarten.  I started bentoing for the creative side of it.  To make “cute” lunches.  And the truth of the matter is much easier to make cute things out of fresh fruits and vegetables.

If it weren’t for bento, I’d quite likely be making lunches like this.

Junk Food School Lunch - Get Healthy Ideas From

I was watching something on TV last night about Childhood Obesity.  It’s so sad!  The JUNK those kids are eating on a daily basis.  Now I’m no saint.  We eat junk… just not that much!

Anyway, suddenly I feel like a Lunch Mom Rock Star.

Even if I stopped making “cute” lunches.  I’d still bento.  It’s become very easy for me.  I wouldn’t make school lunches any other way.

Today is a good example.  I was really dragging this morning. Not enough sleep.  I just tossed some of the standards into a box.  Cuted it up with some cupcake rings and called it good.  Now the purists would point out that hotdogs and crackers are “bad”.  But really compared to most American kid’s school lunches.  This is pretty darn good!

So glad to have found Bento.  It’s lead to so many good things for my family.

TMNT Kids Bento School Lunch - Healthy Ideas From

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  1. When I walk through the lunch room at school, it’s the “beige-ness” of the lunches that gets to me. It’s just so sad to think of kids trying to perform at their best so poorly fueled. Thanks for sharing your colorful, fun lunch!

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