Penguins March – Kids School Lunch

Penguin Kids Bento School Lunch - Healthy Ideas From GlorysMischief.comI finally got a chance to bust out my new EasyLunchboxes BRIGHTS.  I chose the yellow today because it made me feel bright and cheery.

Pulled out the penguin for a few reasons.  I was lacking for lunch ideas today. They’re cute.  And they make very efficient use of the bread slices we use.  These two guys are the equivalent of one whole sandwich with the crust removed.  Very little waste.

The eyes are my homemade eyes, but you can buy some online.  I’ve seen them in craft stores now too (in the baking section).

I’m still using EasyLunchboxes to pre-prep after school snacks for the kids.  On the days I don’t I always regret it.  And the kids have adapted to it pretty quickly.  No special orders.  If you have a request, let Mom know to consider for the NEXT box.

My son’s appetite has returned.  He’s been known to polish of a whole box and ask for more.  So I’m trying to pack more and include more filling things (veggies) in them.


Penguin Kids School Lunch

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