Healthy After School Snack Idea For Kids

Healthy After School Snack Idea For Kids - From GlorysMischief.comWhat seems to be getting to be a bigger and bigger problem around our house is chronic mom-i’m-hungry-itus.  It’s becoming an epidemic.  And frankly Mom is getting as tired as an overworked waitress at Denny’s.  While tossing around ideas, here’s a solution I came up with.

When I have time during the day, I pack two EasyLunchboxes filled with fruits and vegetables and other healthy snack options.  One for each child.

Hungry before dinner?  You can have anything you want out of your EasyLuchbox!  Yay!

Easy and simple solution to handle my kids snack attacks after school.

Ahhhh I feel the stress leaving my body already.

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