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Laptop Lunch Review - Healthy Ideas From GlorysMischief.comAs a bento blogger I have a lot of supplies.  You don’t actually need a lot to make healthy (sometimes cute) food for your kids of course.  But this is my hobby and I like my “toys”.

Scrapbookers buy paper, punches and archival glue.  I buy boxes, picks and food cutters.  Doing this gives me pleasure.  I actually enjoy doing it.

Today it’s my privilege to share with you my opinions of the Laptop Lunch system.  The kind folks at Laptop Lunches sent me a box for my very own to review.  I even got to pick the color.  I choose “Berry” because blue is my favorite color.  And with a boy in school and a girl who I plan to bento for, I try to keep most of my boxes gender neutral.  (most of the time).

First impressions.  Laptop Lunch Review - Healthy Ideas From GlorysMischief.comIt’s pretty.  The colors are bright and vibrant.  The design is also clean and simple enough that nobody is going to outgrow this box.  Heck even Dad could use this box (if I ever let him near my bento supplies).

When I make a lunch for a product review post, I try to keep the lunch simple.  Pretty, but simple.  Today I didn’t use any picks, or paint designs on the bread.  Today, it’s about the box.  Now I have to admit.  It’s still a pretty nice looking lunch.  But the colors from the Laptop Lunchbox I think really take it up a notch.  It just looks better.

As a blogger, and creative bentoer I put a lot of stock into the final look.  But there IS something to having the food Look Good.  Particularly for kids.  If it looks good, or cute, or cool… it’s more likely to be eaten.

Laptop Lunch Review - Healthy Ideas From

When the Laptop Lunch box first arrived, I was concerned at first about the latch.  It clicks nice and tight, and I was worried this might be difficult for my son to open.  He tends to get pretty frustrated when things don’t work the first time.  But once I showed him how it worked he was able to open it pretty simply on his own.

Speaking of easy to open.  The Laptop Lunch box comes with 3 seal-able containers.  The two larger ones are very easy to pop open, and the instructions provided offer tips on how to make the little sauce container easier to open too.  I thought that was nice info to include with the box.

The box itself is a little large.  I wouldn’t fit into my son’s standard lunch cooler unless I really forced it.  I didn’t think this was a good idea.  Fortunately I have another larger cooler I was able to use.  (Planetbox cooler)  Unless you already have a large cooler for the Laptop Lunch to travel in, I suggest you invest in one of their coolers.  I will probably purchase one of my own in the near future.

Laptop Lunches get an enthusiastic Thumbs Up from me.

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