Funbites Review

funbitesI was very pleased to receive Funbites to review for the blog.  I specifically requested the square cutter, there’s just something about all those little uniform squares that makes me happy inside.

I spent some time brainstorming how to I use them for posting a review when the perfect opportunity presented itself.

Inspiration hit the day after having guests to my home.  I found I had quite a lot of leftovers from a large fruit tray.


With hungry kids at hand, and holiday mess and chaos still settling, I knew just what to do.  Grab the Funbites!

You see those party fruit trays are great, but the pieces are SO big, especially for little hands and mouths.

Using my Funbites cutter I quickly and easily whipped a nice plate of cute little cubed melon and pineapple pieces.


The kids were thrilled.  My son in particular devoured the pineapple and asked for more… and then more… the Funbites make the work fast and easy.

Funbites = 1
Picky Eating = 0

A couple final notes about the Funbites cutter.  First of all it’s sturdy.  This is a solid piece of kitchen equipment.  I’ve also used it to quickly cut up little pieces of hamburger patties.

Second, the actual cutting edge is curved.  This is really cool because it allows you to “rock” the cutter and get a really good cut out of your food.


Funbies is a welcome addition to my kitchen, and I look forward to finding new ways to use it.

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