A-Shopping We Will Go

This afternoon I visited my local Everything Party store with both munchkins in tow.

The store was  in the process of transitioning the over to their Halloween displays.  So things were a bit jumbled and chaotic.  I really didn’t have a lot to spend so I tried to limit myself to basic non-seasonal items.  Which was hard because I found a couple temping Halloween picks.  Soon, my loveys.  Soon…

Heart and Star Shaped fondant cutters – $2.69 each

Sword Picks – $1.49

Stir Sticks – $1.49

Leaf Picks (My one seasonal purchase) – $0.99

Cocktail Forks – $2.99

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One Comment
  1. If there’s a Daiso store in a mall near you, they have loads of cutters, picks and other bento making supplies for $1.50 each! I paid $3 for a pair of heart/star egg molds online – only $1.50 at Daiso, and no shipping! (They do have an online store, but I didn’t see as much stuff.) Most of their stuff is $1.50 in the stores. I bought some toothpicks, and am thinking of trying to make my own picks, on occasion…
    And if there’s a Dollar Tree nearby, they have 3 different Halloween-themed muffin liners/picks set for $1 each. But I hear their seasonal stuff sells fast.

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