FOP: Mini Cinnamon Toast Rolls

No school today, it’s a Teacher Work Day.  So that means no bento.  Still I felt the need to DO something.  So I decided to start a series I’m calling “FOP”s, or “Found on Pinterest”.  They’ll be non scheduled posts of some of my Crafting and Cooking efforts inspired by things found from other bloggers (via Pinterest).

I grew up on Wonder Bread, but at some point in my adult life I switched to whole wheat bread.  Something I’ve never thought would happen.  At times when I  try regular white bread it just seems to wimpy now.

Because my Captain America bento really needed white bread I find myself more than a week later with over a half of a loaf of white bread about to go bad.  So today I decided to experiment a little.

This idea come from Circle B Kitchen, with just a slight variation.  Check out her blog for all the nitty gritty details – she has GREAT photos.  Here I’m just sharing my experience with this project.

I’m a sad sad baker and do not have a Mini Muffin Tin Pan.  So the big variation I made from her posting was I used my Mini Cupcake maker.  I new this could end up as a pin-fail and I was prepared for the worst.

My Mini Cupcake Maker has 7 slots, so I grabbed 7 slices of bread and got everything ready.

Again improvising.  I don’t have a basting brush, so I just used a spoon.  Also I folded mine different.  Her fold made it kinda long and I wanted a short roll (to fit in the maker) so after the first one I folded my pieces into 3rds before rolling them.

Here the are all rolled up ready to go into the maker.

After about 20 minutes (I checked frequently) they came out like this.  They were pretty tasty.

The only thing I would do different next time is add more sugar!  Mine were a bit on the bland side.

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