Captain America Halloween Bento Lunch

I bet you can guess what my son is going dressed as this Halloween.

Yup, That’s right, Captain America.  Mom and Dad geek are so proud.

A few days ago, I asked if he wanted to have Captain America lunch or a Halloween lunch for today.  It didn’t take long for us to decide to do both!

It’s a small lunch today.  They’re having the class party of course, with treats and sweets.  So I just wanted to send something small and healthy.

I specifically got white bread just for Cap’s shield.  I flattened the bread and using cookie cutters cut all the color pieces out.  I did this because it gives me nice crisp lines.  And circles are hard to draw!  The original plan was to use red and blue color mist.  But to my dismay my red color mist was completely out.  So instead I used regular grocery store food color and used a dry brush technique.

Under the shield is a regular whole wheat sandwich.  I found the white bread to be too wimpy… maybe because I bought the cheap stuff.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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