Friendly Frankenstein Bento Lunch

Less than a week until Halloween.  Woo Hoo!

Today I made a Cute Frankenstein Bento.  Initially I was going to paint a monsterish face with slanty eyes and a zig zag mouth.  But then a moment of inspiration hit, and I reached for my CuteZcute cutters.

The top slice is a flattened piece of bread (ideal for painting on) and I had some scrap of the flattened bread left over, so I experimented cutting pieces with my CuteZcute cutter.

The mouth is from the Frog.  Nose is a Bear Ear.  Eyes are the wink from the Cat.  And the hair are cat ears.  I just LOVE how it came together.  And faster then I would have painting something.

I took all the cut pieces and put them on a paper towel and gave then a few good shots with Black Color Mist.  I let them sit to dry a few minutes.  And finally ‘glue’ them on with tiny dabs of peanut butter.

Bento Lunch

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