Kids Halloween Spider Bento Lunch

Today we have a “re-imagining” of a bento I did 2 years ago.  It was always one of my favorites, and really pretty simple to do.

I really enjoy using icing decorations to “embellish” my bentos.  So easy and offers a big impact.

Here we have a Spider Icing decoration on a web of black food color.  Jumbo Leaf sprinkles add a little more color.

At the store last night I was very excited to see satsuma oranges have finally come in.  I just love how easy satsumas are, and I look forward to putting them in KC’s lunches every year.

I finally busted out the Scrabble Cheez-its.  Yay.  Had to search down near the bottom of the box to locate a K, however.

Bento Lunch

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