(Almost) Black Cat Bento Lunch

Cute little almost-back cat today. Courtesy of my fun new CuteZcute cutters.

I did make an actual black cat (see below). I flattened some bread and painted it with black food color. I let it sit for a few minutes then dabbed with a paper towel to remove excess color. And finally cut with a CuteZcute cutter. It looks really really cool too!

But then I imagined KC eating it at school. Perfectly safe to eat of course, but would probably turn his mouth and lips funny colors. And then he’d feel all self conscious. I could tell him not to eat it, but then what fun is having a black cat sandwich if you can’t eat the black cat part.

So while it looks really cool, I went to plan B. I took the heal of some whole wheat bread which was pretty dark to begin with, and tinted it darker with some black Color Mist. In the end the cat is not exactly BLACK, but less likely to turn his teeth purple.

Bento Lunch

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