CuteZCute Bear Bento

This has to be my best “Easy Yet Cute” bento I’ve made to date.  I wiped this out in no time.  I got done so early, I could even sit down and check Facebook BEFORE I took KC to the bus!

All thanks to my new CuteZCute cutters.

I used the cutter to cut the shape and cutouts per usual, then I took the heel of bread and cut the face shapes again.  I inserted the dark heel cutouts into the lighter bread slice to make a really cool Two Tone panda face.  It was really fast, and the CuteZCute cutters make it SO Simple.

If you follow even a handful of Bento Blogs then I bet you’ve already heard of CuteZCute cutters.  They just hit the market, and all the Bentoers I talk to are pretty darn excited about them.

My favorite thing about them, is the price.  They are totally in the I-can-afford-that-and-not feel-guilty range.  You can see it here on Amazon.

At the risk of sounding like a complete Bento Nerd, I’d say this is the “Bento Tool Of The Year”, but you know what… it’s better than that.  It’s not JUST a bento tool.  It’s great for brown bag lunches, at-home lunches, even breakfast and dinner.  I’ve seen burgers, and check out this Pizza!  I would go so far to say that CuteZCute is the “Kitchen Gadget Of The Year”.

It’s a must for any Mom who wants to get even a little creative with their kid’s food.  I would personally recommend this to anyone who wants to take their first steps into the world of Cute Food.  In fact, there are a couple of people on my Christmas list who may be getting one.  So affordable!  Yay!

Wow this post really got a life of it’s own.  But I’m that excited about it.  This post sounds a bit  like a product  review, but it’s completely unsolicited.  I’m just that enthusiastic about it.

The CuteZCute is so well made, and so versatile, it’s here to stay in the Bento Blogging world.  I’d bet on it.

Before I go, I have to link this CuteZCute Pinterest board.  It’s just getting started, but I’ll be visiting often for ideas and inspiration.

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