Kids Bear Bento Lunch

Bear Bento Kids School Lunch - Healthy Ideas From GlorysMischief.comYay no rushing this morning…

I pre-cut the bread pieces last night.  I even pre-cut a bunch of carrots, so I should have enough for the week.  I love carrot flowers.

This is a really simple bear using only kitchen knives and circle cutters.  The eyes are homemade icing eyes, but could also be cheese if you don’t have giant icing eyes at home.  And the button nose… is an M&M.  I hand cut the two main slices of bread to fit inside the bento space.

He’s so cute!

I’m also very excited for tomorrow.  It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day and I already have a fun bento planned.  AND BONUS I’m going to be in a great Blog Hop where YOU can find a Real Bento Treasure.  Stay tuned for that.

Bear Bento Kids School Lunch - Healthy Ideas From

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