Kids Pirate Bento School Lunch

I’m very excited t’ be a part o’ me first blog hop. Nay just any blog hop – but a treasure hunt! Aye, thar be a REAL treasure at th’ end. Can ye follow th’ map t’ find it?

Every Blogger Buccaneer in this here Hop has a piece o’ th’ treasure map. A map t’ a bento booty treasure – a GIVEAWAY! YAR!

As ye journey through th’ hop, collect th’ clues an’ numbers an’ put them in th’ right order t’ find out where t’ enter!

Ye probably be need’n someth’n t’ write wi’, cause thar be 39 scurvy pirates runn’n amok wi’ 39 pieces o’ th’ map t’ collect!

Plunder all 39 pieces an’ solve thar puzzle, an’ ye will have TWO chances t’ win some pirate booty! Arr!

Go see what Tracie has t’ show ye



Bento Lunch

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  1. What a great bento! I love the treasure map!!

    I’m really upset I didn’t know about this hop earlier as I’d love to have joined in :( maybe next time :)

  2. Ye map be very detailed, hope ye find ye treasure, matey! It be lookin’ like ye have great grub here!

    • Ya I packed them in there for the photo, but actually only sent 2 to school. LOL My local (Top Food) market had the coins in with their bulk candy bins.

  3. Holy shitake mushrooms, Batman! That map is amazeballs!

    Err… I mean…

    Yarr, matey! What a fine lookin’ seafarer’s lunch!

  4. Glory be, Glory! Hadn’t had a chance to check out yer bentos yet, and you ARRRRRR amazin! Be lovin the ARRRRtwork on the map and the doubloons :)

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