Happy Sandwiches Bento

Well I’ve been bentoing for over 2 years now (wow)!  And I believe this is my very first time using nori and my nori punches.

Two things have have kept me from doing this before now.

1) The (really cute) punches are not available domestically.  I’ve only been able to find retailers over seas.  Ordering over seas makes something as simple as a punch pretty expensive.  But I finally just bit the bullet and got some.  I’ve been wanting them for so long.  I do have a set from Daiso, but they’re just not as cute as the others.  I love the eyes with the eyelashes and the squinched up eyes.  NOW I want a set with animal faces.  LOL

2) Nori.  I don’t like nori.  =P  I have looked and tried other alternatives.  Fruit leather works nice, but it’s sticky and I don’t want to gum up my punches.  I thought I had the perfect solution with edible sugar sheets, but sadly – when exposed to just a little moisture they BLEED!  Also nori isn’t readily available to me.  I have to drive out of my way to Uwajimaya to get it.  And I can’t seem to find it any place else.

In the end, I decided to go the Nori route anyway.  And after standing in the NORI ISLE and staring cluelessly at a daunting selection, I now I have what seems like a lifetime supply.  I selected a canister that has individually wrapped pieces thinking it would “keep” longer.

DOES this stuff have a shelf life?  =)

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