Recent Bentos & Muffin Tins

Crazy busy at our house right now.  My chorus is gearing up for contest AND a big show next month. Lots to do.  Plus Scott has a big happening in his free time too.  We are both very much looking forward things slowing down in November.

As such I’m a little behind in my entries, so I’ll just compile them all here.  Isn’t that nice?

Trying out my new Wilton square silicone cups.  The bottoms fit perfectly, and I did some creative bending to get the tops to look somewhat nice.  They didn’t reach the top of this box, however, so I had to put in folded up paper towels to fill the space and keep everything from shifting.


Cheez Its
Peperoni, Wheat Thins and Cheese
Apple cubes

Another muffin tin snack, gone too big.  This much food always spoils KCs appetite for dinner.  I think I need to start leaving two voids or something.  Another goodie I just got were sugar eyes.  I just love them!  I can’t wait to start using them more.  I love to make octo-dogs too.  So easy and so fun.  They would have likely gotten some eyes, but KC was getting impatient.

Muffin Tin:

Cubed apple — Ritz, Peperoni and Cheese — Broccoli
Octodogs — Pressed Bologna Sandwiches — Flavored yogurt covered pretzels

Smaller Muffin ‘tin’ snack.  Using 4 Wilton Cups.  Love this.  Last toy I got was food safe markers.  I haven’t had a chance to do anything really creative with them yet, but I HAD to try them out.

Muffin Tin:

Ritz, Peperoni and Cheese
Flavored yogurt covered pretzels
Cubed apple

Finally, today’s Kindergarten snack in a Sandwich Keeper box.  Wilton cups fit perfectly to the top.  I don’t like the way these boxes seal however so I use a rubber band to keep them closed.  Lately I’ve been sticking to Room Temperature snacks to send to school.  I’m going to try to find a insulated container solution soon I hope.


Cheez Its and Wheat Thins
Ritz and Frosted Animal Crackers

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