One Short Day In The Emerald City

Yesterday I took my 7 year old son out for an adventure on the Seattle Waterfront. KC loves ferris wheels, but he didn’t know that a very large one had just opened near us in Seattle.

I kept where we were going a secret, just telling him it was a brand new place in Seattle. At one point when traffic was stopped, I looked in the rear view mirror and got to see his face light up the instant he spotted the Great Wheel.

I planned to make a day of it, and since the Wheel is open well into the evening, we visited the Seattle Aquarium first.  We enjoyed the touching pools and were there just in time to see them feed the Pacific Octopus.  But it wasn’t long before KC was impatient to ride the Wheel.

The wait was impressive.  About 25 minutes in the Ticket line and another 25 minutes in the boarding line. (See Tips below to improve your experience.)  KC did very well for a High Energy 7 Year Old.  It was a gorgeous day with a cool wind and music playing near by.  And actually the line moved at a satisfying pace so you usually had a sense of progression going on.

The equipment is surprisingly quiet (electric, I suspect) and the ride is spectacular.  The gondolas are air conditioned and heated so the ride is comfortable all year round.  (We already have plans for Christmas, and I want Hubbie to take me at night sometime)  The ride itself was very smooth and gentle.  I understand times around can vary, and I suspect it also depends on how you count them.  We went around for a total of 5 revolutions (1 revolution loading, 3 steady around, and 1 unloading)

After the ride KC splashed in a nearby fountain and we both enjoyed a cherry SnoCone.   YUM.

We finished up the day with dinner at Ye Old Spaghetti Factory – Lynnwood not Seattle (Seattle is ALWAYS busy, worth the wait!  But we’d had enough waiting for one day)

What a Great Day!

TIP 1 – When going to the Great Wheel, print tickets out online (we didn’t) this will allow you to skip the 25 min ticket line and go right to the 25 min ride line.

TIP 2 – If not visiting other waterfront attractions, visit the Great Wheel after 7pm. Traffic and parking are easier & the ride line is shorter.

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