Pinterest Inspirations

Thank you Pinterest.  Because of you, my friends and family think I’m a cooking, crafting, and DIY genius.

Winding up  a lot of projects this week.  All inspired from Pintrest.  Have a look…

Topsy Turvy Gift Display — Inspired by That Village House

She used re-bar, where as I used a 5 foot metal pipe in a flange screwed into
a piece of MDF.

Also, I live in Seattle and my porch gets very wet.  To keep it water ‘resistant’ I used a combination of vinyl Tablecloths (red), extra large gift wrap bags (snowmen) and poly wrap (metallic trees).  I used extra large bows found at the dollar store to hide the pipe between the gaps.

Chalkboard Wine Glasses — Inspired by Just Short of Crazy

Pretty much followed her directions exactly.  Lots of fun to do, and came out great.  We’re not wine drinkers, so a set of eight of these are going into the raffle for my Chorus’ Christmas Show tonight

Movie Snack Pack — Inspired by While He Was Napping, The Macs, & Julie Case Designs

This was a melding of ideas of various bottled gifts.  Using Frappachino bottles, adding a movie and dressing up the carrier, I made a cute gift pack.  This one is also going into the raffle tonight.

Chocolate Covered Oreos — Inspired by Hip Hip Hooray

I went back and forth on adding a stick, but decided to pass this time.  I used melted milk chocolate chips and added a few sprinkles.

These are going into the cookie sale at the show tonight.

Chocoalte covered rice crispy pops — Inspired by Twig & Thistle

Made mine shorter and added holiday sprinkles.  Super simple and fun.

Also going to the cookie sale.

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  1. Oh my goodness! you have been so busy! that stack of gift boxes is amazing! I wish ‘i had the time to do all that yummy goodness. :) ilona from swap bot

  2. Absolutely amazing! Lots of yummy goodies and lots of great ideas! I’m hoping that by next year, I’ll be a bit better organized and can borrow some ideas from you. :)

    — Amber (PisceanMama for the Gain Blog Readers swap on Swap-Bot)

  3. oh my isn’t pinterest just life changing? I dunno how I managed without it. Well actually I had an overactive thirst for magazines, but now I just pin all day and discover. lot easier on the wallet. :)

    eveyinorbit via gain blog readers swap

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