Turkey Bento

Turkey Bento… or as I like to think of it.  Grandma’s Intervention Bento.

I’ve mentioned my Mom is a regular reader (Hi, Mom).  And for the record she is a major reason I’m doing bentos.  When I was a kid she made fun cool lunches for me too.  And I wanted to be *that* kind of mom.  S’true.

A couple posts ago I mentioned I had gotten into a bit of a bento rut.  So next thing I know, Mom’s at my door step with a bag full of groceries.  Then she’s in my kitchen fixing samples for KC to try.  Some of the popular items were the leftse rolls and snap peas seen in today’s bento. Thanks Mom, you’re the best!

I didn’t want to have Thanksgiving go by without a Turkey Shaped sandwich.  Turkey shapes have intimidated me a bit (when I’m still groggy in the mornings), but when I saw a similar design on a cookie (seen on Pinteriest), I knew I could finally make a “turkey” sandwich.

Finally, I’ve added my first lunchbox printable.  It’s a Autumn riddle.  These are easy find on Google, just search for Lunchbox Printable.  I also have a few scattered on my Pinterest boards.

Turkey Bento

Grape Tomatoes and Snap Peas
Leftse with Garlic Herb Cheese Spread
Turkey Shaped Bologna Sandwich
Apple Chunks

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