Week In Bentos

So I think this is how it’s going to be… sometimes I’ll post weekly bentos, and sometimes I’ll post daily bentos.  I think it will mostly depend on what my day/week looks like.  Way to be decisive, huh?

A lot of times I don’t post daily just because I don’t think that day was all that impressive.  I know, I need to get over myself.

My Mother (a regular reader – Hi Mom) asked if I was burnt out on bentos.  No, hardly.  In fact it’s gotten to a point that bento’s have gotten easier.  I have however gotten into a bento rut, that I’m trying to shake out of.  I blame part of it on KC.  Suddenly he’s not eating bread.  ?!?!  Weird.  So I got into a rut of sending hotdog chunks.  There are other options, but sometimes it’s easier to lean on the standbys when you’re still groggy in the morning.

Yes I’m still doing bentos, no I’m not burned out.  In face KC recently re-sparked my creative desire with the following two conversations (on different days)

KC: “I like your lunches Mom, all the kids gather around to see what I got”


KC: “I like your lunches better then the School ones.  Yours have blackberries, and little forks, and broccoli”


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  1. Hello! I just wandered over from Swap Bot. Your bentos are amazing. My kids are far from being school aged, but when they are, I will have to come back here for some ideas.

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