Spooky Eyes Halloween Bento

I’ve been feeling really “off” lately.

I’ve been getting more sleep.  And that’s helping, but I’m still not all there yet.

I’m getting some quality supplements very soon.  I really hope that helps get me the rest of the way there.

Anyway, on topic.  I love how this bento came together.

Almost all of my bentos are done of the fly.    I think it would be nice to sit and think them out in advance, but so far that hasnt happened.

I hope the “Spooky” eyes in the bushes came through in execution.

Spooky Eyes Bento

Bologna Sandwich with cheese moon
Broccoli and carrots with icing eyes
“Scrabble” Cheeze its
Golden Delicious Apples

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  1. Your bento boxes are too cute! I love the googly eyes on the broccoli! It’s just so kid friendly and fun. Not to mention, they’re healthy too. Wonderful bento!

    dreameryphotography – Check Out my Blog #6 at Swap-bot

  2. OMG – I did not know what bento was!! HOW STINKIN CUTE! I LOVE the broccoli with eyes!! You are such a great mom for making your son’s lunch so fun!!

    leecytx from swap-bot

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