Zoo Field Trip Bento

Today I got to go on the Kindergarten field trip to the Zoo.

We all had a good time, but boy I’m pooped.  It’s a shame I don’t have time for a nap today.

I put a little extra effort into the bentos today (Yes I got one too).  #1 challenge was to make it disposable.  While I could have packed it all back home (since I was one of the chaperones), I wanted to what I could come up with with this additional requirement.

I’m really happy with how they turned out.  Of course some kids ran over to see that KC got.  And I had some Mom’s ask me about it which was cool.

I started out with two brown takeout boxes.

KC’s Bento : (top row) Broccoli with flower cut carrots in a zip bag, Sugar-free Jello and a packet of M&Ms.  (bottom row) Panda Bologna Sandwich with fruit leather face and homemade large icing eyes.  Cheez-Its wrapped in wax-paper and tucked inside a cardboard tube (decorated with zebra stripes using sharpie), and a frozen bottle of water with custom label.

After all this time, this is the first time I got to make a bento for myself.  It was fun!

Mom’s First Bento :

Peanut butter M&Ms, Frozen water bottle , Celery sticks and peanut butter, bologna sandwich, Cheez-Its, and an Aussie Apple

They actually packed and traveled very well.

I don’t usually put candies in bentos except as garnish, I felt this was an exception.

It turned out to be a cool windy day, so the water bottles didn’t melt much, but they did a good job keeping everything else cool.  I also wrapped them in paper towels (not photoed) to catch any condensation.

I put the peanut butter and celery in an old Crystal Lite container.  I liked how it worked so much, I did pack that one piece home.

Then last night I took it over the top and decorated out outside of the boxes.  It’s actually very easy.  I used sharpie and an orange craft marker and followed these great tips.


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