End of School Cookie Gifts

End Of School Cookie Gifts - Ideas From GlorysMischief.comIt has been a lot of fun having KC in Kindergarten this year.  He’s my eldest, so it’s my first experience doing the whole school mom thing.  KC has made new friends, and so have I.

I’m looking forward to having a break this summer, but at the same time looking forward to 1st grade.

I decided I wanted to give out End of School gifts to the class and bus stop moms etc.

Of course I had to do a test/practice/blogging batch.

Supplies:End Of School Cookie Gifts - Ideas From GlorysMischief.com

  • Cookies
  • Snack Sized Zipper bags
  • Stapler w/ staples
  • Paper decorated with stickers, crayons markers,
    or a handy printout.

They are pretty simple. I decided to do a watermelon, beach-ball and sunglasses.  Watermelon and ball are simple circle and half circles.

But I don’t have a mini sunglasses cutter, so I got a little creative.  Simply use a heart cutout, and trim off the point.  Yay creativity.

Place one of each cookie into Snack Size zipper bag, staple on the Summer Tags, and hand out to classmates, the bus driver and bus stop Mom’s!

End Of School Cookie Gifts - Ideas From GlorysMischief.comI learned a few things doing this “Test Batch”.

  • I need to make the dark part of the sunglasses as big as possible. Otherwise they start to look more like super hero masks.  Not that “summery”
  • Free-handing a beach-ball is hard.  Next time I may outline with a #1 tip in white to hopefully help keep the shapes a little more in line
  • Experimenting with leftover icing is fun.

I had a lot of fun with this test.  I’m hoping to make a big batch and giving a small jar of cookies to the teacher and the (very nice) bus driver.  It’s going to be fun handing these out next month.

End Of School Cookie Gifts - Ideas From GlorysMischief.com

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  1. Cool. also for the sunglasses you could use the letter b cookie cutter.the black part of the sunglasses would be where the holes in the b are.

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