Easter Bunny Bento

Easter is almost here and I still have so much I want to do.

KC lost his first tooth this past Sunday.  The tooth itself is MIA – ah well.  I did have a Silver Dollar emergency on Sunday of course.   But Grandma (my Mom) came to the rescue.  Even made the 45 minute drive out just to drop it off.

Grandmas Rock.

Back to bentos.  I’m very happy with this one.  It just came together without any pre-planning.

KC often eats his bologna sandwiches in pieces.  IE  Just the bread, just the bologna.  Etc.  So I’ve stared making these open face sandwiches.  It makes for some fun possibles.

Here’s a little photos of Yesterday’s bento.  I got the ‘old’ kind of jelly and tried the mini sealed BPJs again.

The break and return to the old jelly seems to have worked.  The box came back clean.

So now I can work with TWO kinds of sandwiches in my bentos.  Yay for variety.  😉

Easter Bunny Bento

Open faced Bologna sandwich with cheese and icing eyes
Broccoli and carrot flowers


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