Everything I know about Bentos I learned in Kindergarten

Everything I know about Bentos I learned in Kindergarten… okay not really BUT.  Recently while helping out in  KC’s Kindergarten class. I was able to see the kids have Snack Time.  Boy was that interesting.  Let me tell you.

First off, I pack A LOT more food than anyone else.  Everyone (that I saw that day) only had ONE item.  And they ran the gambit.  I saw things from half a PBJ, to a banana, to a fruit cup, to Pirate Booty, to whole grain crackers.  I also saw zippy bags of Kix (I think that’s what it was), and another child with a little bag of popcorn.  Then there were the kids with no snack at all.  They all ran up to the teacher and got one gram cracker each.  I found it all very educational.

So I’m trying to make some adjustments to KCs bentos.  Primarily in SIZE.  I don’t plan on compromising on the nutrition, and of course Cute Factor should stay up.

Here are my Bentos from this week.

Bologna Egg Bento

Open faced bologna sandwich w/ cheese decorations

100th Day of Kindergarten Bento

Half bologna on wheat with 100 shaped cheese garnish
Gram crackers with sprinkle hearts

Crazy Bologna Bento

Bologna cut into one long swirl with apple peel heart
Peanut butter and chocolate Granola bar
Mini Saltine peanut butter sandwiches

Spring Muffin Tin

Almonds — Ritz — Peperoni
Mini Ravioli — Apple Slices — Mini Peanut butter Sandwiches
Candy Bunny Decoration

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