Rainbow Bento with Gold

Happy St Patrick’s Day.  On an unrelated note, it’s also my 10th wedding anniversary. =)

Back to Bentos.  KC woke up to his own personal rainbow and pot of gold (chocolate coins) in the living room.  He was so excited we both almost forgot to have breakfast.

I actually was rather stumped as to what to do for his bento, and I’m still not sure about lunch.  I was at the store last night were at least one other Mom was picking up gold coins and lucky charms.

Somehow I figured I’d go with a rainbow theme, rather than a green theme as I headed to the produce department and picked up the colors I needed.  Missed the yellow as the pepper I knew we had in the fridge was red (not yellow).

I’m very pleased with the end result.  Lacking in protein perhaps, and WAY more sugar than I’d normally send to school.  But concessions must me made once in a while.

I’ve had this small tackle-box/organizer for a while.  It turned out to be too small to be much use for anything, but I couldn’t just toss it out.  So I put it up with my bento boxes waiting for the right time to bring it out.  It worked GREAT!

Maybe it’s a generational thing, but up to now St Patrick’s Day was never a big deal in my life.  I didn’t mind a bit that I got married on that day. Up till now St Patrick’s day you wore green so you wont get pinched and that was it.

That’s all changed since KC has entered Kindergarten.  I now know about mischievous leprechauns and the tricks they play as well as fashioning leprechaun traps.

It’s been fun this year, and next year it won’t catch me by surprise!

Rainbow Bento

Red – Red Bell pepper
Orange – Carrot
Yellow – Froot Loops
Green – Broccoli
Blue – Blueberries
Purple – Red Grapes
Gold –  Mini Reese’s

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  1. Cute. I went looking for gold coins (chocolate) but none of the stores around here had them anymore. It was all Easter stuff. Guess I got to get them faster next year.

    But we went with the rainbow jello and green colored vanilla yogurt.

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