St Patty Muffin Tin

A last minute Muffin Tin Lunch so I can post to Muffin Tin Monday.

KC was un impressed with the Leo Surprise I put in his snack today.  Although apparenly he’s saving it FOR Leo.

Try as I might, I wasn’t able to convince him that Leo had put the message in his snack.

Oh well. =)

I think I may hold off on any more Leo Surprises and possibly try one Big one on Thursday.

Muffin Tin

PBJ Shamrock Sammy – Red Grapes – Rabbit Gram Crackers
Applesauce with Green sugar sprinkles – PBJ – Carrots and Ranch

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    • Hehe KC wasn’t so sure about it. He poked at it, and asked “what’s this?”. He was relieved it hear it was green sugar and snarfed it down.

      You have to do it right before serving, ’cause the sauce starts to melt the sugar fast. =)

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