I Heart Cookies

The Kindergartners had a “Winter Program” for the parents today.  KC’s teacher asked if I could bring a couple dozen cookies for the social after.  I jumped at the chance.

I’ve been wanting to make some decorated cookies, but decided I’d prefer not to do that on a deadline.

Instead I opted for these uber cute sandwich cookies I saw on the Decorated Cookie blog.

I used all store bought mixes and frostings.  The chocolate cookie was from a Halloween Mix I had never gotten around to using.  I frosted these with canned Strawberry frosting.

The other cookies are now my new favorites cookies.  NOM.  Cookies are from Betty Crocker’s Sugar Cookie mix and filled with Canned Lemon frosting.  Oh so good!

These went over well at the social.  The chocolates were gone before I even got into the room, and the lemons didn’t last much longer.  It was fun to watch all these people eat my cookies.

An interesting thing to share. While the chocolate cookies held their shape well,  I wasn’t expecting the spread from the sugar cookies.  But that’s okay, I thought fast and re-cut the heart windows right after I brought them out of the oven.  That worked out really well.  Yum cookies.

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