Valentine Edible Crayons

No bento snack for KC today.

Class is having their Valentine party, and teacher said no snacks today.  I get to go help at the party so I’m looking forward to that.

Teacher also said they didn’t need anymore goodies for the party.  But I still had the desire to make Valentine treats.

So I made a big batch of Edible Crayons for the Bus Stop Moms (and Dad).  I made my own variation on some of the saying on the crayons.

We have a very big bus stop.  I haven’t counted the kids, but the adults number around 8.  I made a dozen baggies so I could give one to the bus driver and just in case I needed a few extras.

I also made “From” tags with stick-on foam hearts (Not shown in the photos) I just used extra fine point marker and it worked great.

It was fun and really easy.  I’m looking forward to handing them out.

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