My Bubbly Valentine

Here’s the valentine we’re working on for KC Kindergarten class.  I tried to keep it fun and simple.

I took sheets of KCs art paper and we ‘painted’ them with bubbles.  I learned about it on the Meet the Dubiens blog.

We painted with 3 colors. Pink, Purple and a Pinkish Red.

Words of experience:

  • No matter how hard you try, you’ll make a big mess. This would be a great outside project in the summer. I put down newspaper on the table and an old sheet on the floor (yes, really. The floor.) I wore a printer’s apron that I had hanging around.  And to keep it simple, I had KC go shirtless.
  • You’ll need more paint then you think.  We did 10 plus pages.  We did a lot so we’d be sure to have enough, plus Mom was thinking she might be able to use the extras some other time.  It sure is pretty.  for this big project I went through all 3 bottles of acrylic paint.
  • More soap is not better.  I did an additional batch on my own.  It seemed with extra soap it was harder to get the paint to float on the bubbles to be transferred to the pages.  Try it with less soap and more paint.
  • Mark the end of your straw.  You don’t want to put the paint end of your straw in your mouth.  😛

So he didn’t have to write the message 33 times I had him write it once and printed multiple copies from my PC  for him to cut out and paste on.  He enjoyed using my old scrapping scissors.

We still need to sign and address the backs.  :)

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