Simple Bento

Simple little bento.  I like this one a lot because it’s so simple and so bentoy.  Hehe.

Another gift from ‘Santa’.  Mickey Mouse box from the Disney Store.

This is a two tiered box, and unfortunately will not latch with just one tier.  Because KC is in half day Kindergarten and only needs to bring a snack, I didn’t want to both tiers with food.  But still, I wanted to find a way to use it.

After some thought, I decided to fill the bottom tier with tiny ice packs I picked up at Daiso a while back.  I’ll find out how they compare to the Blue Ice ‘bricks’ I usually use when he gets home today.  (…which reminds me of a post I’ve been meaning to make.  Stay Tuned.)

Here are some more ‘beauty shots’ of the Mickey box…

On the blog front, I’m still tweaking things to keep down unrelated sp@m comments and so far seemed to have quelled the flood of bandwidth loss.  Keeping my fingers crossed.


Mini PBJ Sandwiches
Granola Bar
Red Grapes

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