Food on sticks = YUM

I just love putting food on sticks.  There’s something about putting small food on pretty picks or skewers that makes it fun, pretty and whimsical.

Kasey’s lunch today.  More of the same, really.  I like this one just because it’s pretty.

One more day of school tomorrow, then no Kindergarten for… 9 days?  13 days?  Do you count weekends when you count “No School Days”.  I guess you do.  So 13 days it is.

Wow 13 days of No School.  If nobody hears from me, please send in the Marines.  No, better yet… send a cute UPS guy with Chocolate.  Mmmmm.  Oops sorry.  Ahem.  Back to bentos.

I think… don’t hold me to it… but I think I’m going lay off the PBJ as much as possible for these days off.  It’s kind of my “Go To” sandwich.  KC likes them, and I put them in pretty much every Kindergarten bento, and most of his lunches.  So I’m going to try to take a break.  One to test my creativity, and mostly (two) so KC wont get burned out on them (so we can go back to them with school resumes).

I’m going to experiment with some other sandwiches.  Bologna with butter or mayo.  Sliced deli meats.  I’ve been toying with the idea Cream Cheese and Jelly (where did I get THAT idea?)…. is that a sandwich or a desert?

Got any Kid Friendly sandwich ideas?

Please, I’m open to suggestions! 😀

Today’s Bento — PBJ and Blueberry Skewers, apple slices, radishes and cheese its.

Bento Lunch

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  1. The skewers look very nice indeed! But are there 2 or 4 of them? It looks like 2 — real long ones that won’t fit in the box. 😉

    As a child I really liked sammies with (young) cheese & marmite. Or omelet. And chocolate sprinkles of course (some people add PB too but I don’t like that), but I’m not sure whether you have those over there? Gingerbread on a sammy (with honey) was a hit too.

    Enjoy your time of with The Kid! :)

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