Nothing in the Fridge Muffin Tin

Overdue on the grocery shopping again.  Contents of the fridge and cabinets looking a little sparse.  I was THIS close to saying to heck with it all and running out to get a Happy Meal.

Instead, I managed to pull off a passable muffin tin.  With only one slice of bread,  leftover apples and leftover red peppers.

I really like the Mini Silicone Cups to hold the small things inside the muffin tin.  That way I’m not compelled to fill the space with food he’s not going to eat.  (He only eats 2 or 3 pretzels).  The cups dress it up a bit and help fill the visual space.

Not too shabby.  And worlds better then a Happy Meal.

Muffin Tin

String Cheese — PBJ — Pretzels
Red Pepper — Cheese Its — Apple

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