Batty Bento

Bat themed bento.  Not much to say.  It’s not very complicated but I think it looks nice.  I’ve really gotten a kick out of the Wilton Icing Decorations that my Mom got me.  Not something I’d normally pick up for my bentos.  But now that I’ve used them, I can see myself using more.  In fact, I’ve already picked up some Snowflake ones.  Oh I love snowflakes!

I’ve also gotten a kick out of my bat shaped fondant cutter.  I just love bat shaped cheese.  😀  I’m silly that way.

Batty Bento

Wheat Thins w/ Icing Bat Decoration.
Pretzels and Bat shaped Cheese
Bat Candies w/ Peperoni
Frosted Animal Cookies (because KC likes them)

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  1. Your bats are too cute! What did you use to make your cheese bat’s eyes? I don’t know why I never thought of looking for Wilton’s website. Duh! I never realized just what awesome things they have for bentos. I have bought a couple of their candied decorations, but they have more than I ever imagined.

  2. I just love the Wilton website. Such fun stuff. And it’s handy for ‘showing’ the fun products I like to use. :)

    The cheese bat eyes are just dots from my food color markers.

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