Scaredy Cat Bento

I’m going to be So Sad when Halloween is done. I’ve been having a great time doing these bentos (and muffin tins).  I have to eek out the last few ides while I have the time.  It’s been a blast/

The Scaredy Cat bento is simple but fun.  I’m using the Make Your Own Sealed Sandwich again here.  I like these so much, I may have to make my own tutorial for this blog.


Wheat Thins Stix & Peperoni
PBJ Cat Sandwich
Cat and Jack O Lantern Cheese

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  1. But just think – November will bring a whole new set of themes and Thanksgiving coming up soon… but I know the feeling of wanting to get “just one more” Halloween meal in. I did a combo recap the other day for myself, making a meal of my favorite elements from these past few Halloween weeks.

    • I’ve never bentoed in Nov and Dec and I am excited about that. It just seems Halloween has an extra Silly Factor that’s fun to play with.

      Still, the possibilities of the coming holidays are going to be fun.

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