Autumn Wreath Tutorial

Fun easy seasonal wreath project for Mom or the bigger kids.  I personally enjoy doing this one when I’m sitting in front of the TV.  😉

Supplies:• Styrofoam Wreath Form
• Approximately 1 yard of assorted fabric
• Pinking Sheers
• 1 chopstick or other object with a blunt point (not pictured)
• Other decorative ‘Doo Dah’ to dress up the wreath
Using your Pinking Sheers, cut your fabric into 2ish inch squarish pieces.You don’t need to be exact, just try to make them about the same size and shape.

Now the fun begins. Take one piece at a time and use your chopstick to poke the square into the Styrofoam.

Repeat this process changing the colors as you go and spacing them about 1/4 of an inch apart.
Keep going, one square at a time. Filling in and avoiding any bare spots. FYI – I only did one side of the wreath to save on fabric and excess Hand Cramping.

I added a Halloween Cat Centerpiece.  Which I can remove after Halloween.

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  1. absolutely love this! it looks so beautiful and full and you don’t have to drag out the hot glue gun – i used hot glue on my fall wreath and it seemed to take awhile. im definitely going to give this a try! =)


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