Pumpkin Bento

Cute little pumpkin bento for Kasey’s Kindergarten Snack.

I like how the cheese pumpkins stand up to decorate the sides. That was one of those “Happy Accidents”

A while back I saw a tutorial on how to make your own sandwich mold over on Hawai’i’s Bento Blog. It sat in the back of my mind until I went to put this bento together.

It was real easy with a Comfort Grip cookie cutter. I cut mine out with a pair of clean scissors.

It’s so simple I did it from memory. In fact it actually took me two days to remember where I saw it so I could credit the right source.

I just love sealed sandwiches, they work great to keep traveling bentos nice an neat.

Pumpkin Bento

Ritz and peperoni
PBJ sandwich
Red Grapes
Mild and White Cheddar cheese

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  1. I have some questions? How do you send your bento’s to school with your child? Is the bag set up so that you don’t have to tip the bento? Do any of the decorations fall off in transit to lunchtime?

    Also, has your child said anything about certain things making other foods soft? My son said his mandarin oranges made his goldfish crackers soft.

    I love your Bentos, because most of the food you put in there, my son will also eat. So I’ve gotten some good ideas.

  2. Another good question. I try to pack them tight so there is little shifting, and if I fall short, I cheat and fold up paper towels to pad the inside.

    I had the same problem with KC’s PBJs making his crackers soggy. I’m still learning how to keep this down. Lately I’ve been sticking to things like grapes and berries.

    I haven’t gotten KC to eat oranges yet, if I were to pack them in school, I’d either put them in a sealed container inside the bento or in a silicone cup that touched the top of the bento so it would be ‘sealed’ when the bento was closed.

    Here are some links where I tired to segment out some of the food.
    The last one I used recycled pudding cups that I cut down to the same height as the box.

    I try to attach my decorations with sticky food. Usually peanut butter or dabs of icing. I’m still working on my technique.

    I found an awesome idea on Not Martha I want to try soon. She added royal icing spikes to the backs of her eyes.

    KC is really rough with his backpack. Really Rough. So I try to pack them tight and hope for the best. If it doesn’t spill in his backpack, I call it a “win”. 😉

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