Mummy Bento

I wanted to do one of these mummy guys the minute I saw it over on another lunch.

I didn’t have any bread stick dough, but as you know from my previous post.  I have lots of regular biscuit dough on hand.

It took two biscuits per hot dog.  I just hand rolled them into snakes and wrapped each hot dog, leaving an opening for the eyes to peek out.

One of the peep holes shifted, so the poor little mummy could only peek out with one eye.  This amused me.

KC hadn’t had a hot dog like this before. But he sure did gobble them up fast!

Mummy Bento

Mummified ‘pigs in a blanket’ on lettuce
Strawberries with bone sprinkles
Red Grapes with Skull Carrots

Bento Lunch

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